Trakkit was started in 2016 when I was thinking about a better way to do GPS tracking without having to pay expensive cellular fees.

The idea centered around using Wi-Fi, which is everywhere, to send the GPS data instead of cellular. The first Trakkit GPS prototype was built in January 2017.

The initial testing worked but needed improvement in performance. So, over many months, enhancements were made and more testing proved that the new tracker worked very well. We obtained a patent in 2021.

We also developed a Temperature and Humidity sensor that had built-in WiFi so it would be easy to monitor the temperature of houses, refrigerators, etc. without needing additional equipment.

We decided to use the latest technology in the temperature/humidity sensor, which makes it very accurate.
So, Trakkit THS was created in 2019.

All Trakkit products are owned, designed, and shipped from the USA.

We take pride in the fact that our products have features that set them apart from any other competing product of its type.

The Trakkit team has quite a bit of experience in electronics including automotive, marine, RV, commercial fleet industries, and geospatial systems.

Tom Roberts – CEO